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Known as SCLA, the Snohomish County Lodging Association is a non-profit organization formed to promote the interests of hotels, motels and related businesses throughout Snohomish County. We bring industry leaders together and pool our resources to grow professionally, share ideas, understand the economical climate and address industry related issues. We exist to provide value to our members in the areas of risk management, training, networking and in the pooling of our influence within Snohomish County.

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If you work in the Hospitality Industry, then you’re busy. We know. We are too. Being a part of a lodging association is an investment in your time… So why join? We’re not a sales organization, but we do talk about sales. We’re not a training organization, but there are training opportunities available. We don’t have lobbyists, but we are active in our local government; and we are not a networking group, but we do network. SCLA is about getting our industry’s leaders together to collaborate on positive change for our hotels, our communities and ourselves. We open our doors to sales professionals, front office managers, heads of housekeeping, operations managers and of course, General Managers. We welcome new ideas and value different perspectives. So, join us! The more we invest in this organization, the more value it creates. Not a lodging establishment? Join as an associate member. We’d love to welcome you and develop a relationship with your business or organization.

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